Algerian Ambassador Boycotted Mezouar’s Meeting With Arab Ambassadors

Algerian Ambassador Boycotted Mezouar’s Meeting With Arab Ambassadors



According to Alyaoum 24 and le360 news outlets, the Algerian ambassador in Rabat did not attend a meeting in which Foreign Affairs Minister Salaheddine Mezouar called upon all Arab ambassadors to discuss the situation in Gaza, following the recent Israeli aggression on Palestinian civilians.

The Algerian ambassador did not provide any justification or apology for his absence knowing that he has received an invitation to attend the important meeting.

Alyaoum 24 adds that according to a source from the Foreign Ministry, the Algerian Ambassador to Rabat received orders from Algeria to boycott this meeting during which the latest developments in Iraq, Libya and the terrorist threats of the Islamic State (Caliphate), previously called ISIS, have also been raised.

The aforementioned source adds that it is believed that the Algerian ambassador boycotted this meeting after Mezouar’s accusations to Algeria in playing a biased role in the Sahara conflict, calling their latest efforts in appointing an African Union special envoy to the Sahara as Shabby and pathetic.

The Moroccan Times.