Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars: Algeria and Morocco as...

Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars: Algeria and Morocco as Two Eyes of Unity


Ali Mohiuddin Qara Daghi, Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, fervently called for an end to the long-standing discord between Algeria and Morocco, expressing a deep-rooted sentiment by saying, “Algeria is in my left eye, Morocco in my right,” advocating for harmony and brotherhood between the nations.

He urged both countries to turn towards cooperation and integration to face the challenges that pose threats to the security and stability of the region, to avoid unrest and turmoil.

Speaking on his official Twitter account, the scholar expressed his pain at the escalating tensions, saying: “Without any hesitation… I find myself deeply distressed observing the escalating tensions and the proliferation of discord, which is being stoked by some with the intent of exacerbating the disagreement between the highly respected and cherished peoples of Morocco and Algeria. I fervently appeal to the sagacious individuals from both esteemed nations to safeguard Algeria and Morocco from becoming conduits of dissension and catalysts for conflict.”

Qara Daghi continued, “We understand the importance of promoting brotherhood and harmony over division and discord, and we caution aligning with aberrant voices that feign allegiance to one side while harboring hostility towards both peoples.”

He further stated, “Morocco and Algeria share one spirit, a common heritage, and a united hope and pain. The hypocrites will not be able to drive the shared destinies and mutual respect of these two peoples towards conflict and strife.”

He warned about the dangers of fuelling conflict and pointed out that dealing with such dangerous elements is not a game, emphasizing that there is no room for any escalation. He affirmed the importance of dialogue and eschewing contentious disputes.

He concluded his message, which called for peace and harmony between the two nations, by saying, “May God’s peace and blessings be upon the two noble nations. Algeria is in my left eye, Morocco in my right, and the Islamic world is in my heart, with Islam and Muslims foremost in my mind.”