Morocco Is The Champion Of The World Cup 2014

Morocco Is The Champion Of The World Cup 2014



The world cup has finished, trophies were held, awards were given and cameras were taken away from Brazil. Indeed, the football world will shed the lights on the next station: CAN Morocco 2015. After watching most of the 64 games, and analyzing most of the world cup teams, I believe that there are many lessons that Badou Zaki can learn from. To help the reader evaluate modern football techniques and tactics on his own, my article will be based on an imaginary letter that each team that played in the world cup will send to Morocco to avoid the scandal of the Brazilian National Team:

Brazil: I have two pieces of advice to Mr Zaki. The first one is to choose a good balanced selection of players. Do not make the same mistake we did by not calling Moura, Coutinho, Filipe Luís Kasmirski, and Marquinhos. To be honest, they would have had been very helpful after the injury of Neymar. My second piece of advice is that the audience is really helpful and it is right what they say that it’s the twelfth player.  You have to use this privilege on your side.

Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and USA:  Dude, you really need a good goalkeeper. Did you watch the world cup? Our goalkeepers were the main reason we got qualified to the second round. Since you only have five months left, you need to stop trying every goal keeper the press talks about and start working with permanent ones. This is not good, you still don’t know who will be the number UNO goal keeper in your team.

Russia: You are in trouble with us. We taught that your level is the same as Algeria’s. We didn’t think that you are way weaker than them. Ah! We should have picked Tunisia to play with on that friendly match.

Cameron, Ivory Coast, and Ghana: Yes, we didn’t look good in the world cup. And yes, European and American teams knew how to deal with our aggressive style, but you should not underestimate us in the CAN.

Italy, England, Portugal, and Spain: Never underestimate any team. Modern football doesn’t focus on individual work; it focuses on team work and spirit. But please, consider selecting Houssine Kharja, his experience will help you deal with rebellious teams. One last thing, do not  change players’ positions or try a new formation. Your first three games are sensitive, and stability might be the answer. Do not make Italy’s mistake by trying 4 different formations in their last 8 games.

Uruguay:  Be strict with your team players and ask them literally not to bite any opponent.

Germany, Holland, France, and Argentina:  Unlike Italy and Spain, we respected all opponents and took them seriously. We also started the team building project 10 years ago. Since you have been changing the coach each time you fail, we advise you to choose a balanced selection based on both young players and experienced ones.

FIFA: Do not assume that our referees will be on your side, except if you buy Blatter a nice dinner. Couscous will be perfect.

Algeria: Thank you for supporting our team in the world cup. My recommendation is to never fear the opponent; play like men and do your best. Another thing is to be careful if you play against us; we aren’t the same team you beat 4-0 in Marrakesh. We are now able to return الصرف (Change) back. سلام اولد عمي (Salam Cousin).

Anas Chihab.