Arabs in Limbo by Imed Lassoued

Arabs in Limbo by Imed Lassoued



What is happening on the ground makes the Middle East region the most volatile region on earth. Gaza is bleeding; the persistent war of attrition in Syria continues to make the headlines; the tension in Iraq is escalating ever since ISIL group has resorted to violence in order to overthrow the Maliki government; the conflict in Yemen’s north continues to threaten political transition; the unrest in Libya has reached an alarming state; in Egypt the government is under pressure to address the economic challenges ; Tunisia is trying hard to emerge from this transitional phase with less damage.

These facts alone could have stupendous ramifications on the prospects of Arab unity which tantalizes all Arabs. While total and complete Arab unity remains a dream yet to come true, let’s try to achieve some form of unity in some Arab countries. As for Iraq and Libya national cohesion is and should be the immediate concern to ponder. Palestinian national unity should remain the top priority under any circumstances.  The Maghreb union must bond the North African states together whose leaders are asked more than before to forge ahead with it. Unity is the only weapon whereby we can overcome the hurdles that make us unable to meet the challenges ahead of us.

Quran teaches us that unity is from God and division is from the devil. If Arab unity remains a mere dream and the believers in it mere utopians, it is because of hurdles our politicians have created or refuse to remove it. Of such hurdles, we can mention ideological conflicts, internecine disputes and suspicion that characterizes inter- Arab relations. The West is doing only what may prevent this unity or retard it. For this, the West is asked to adopt an attitude of impartiality. Be this as it is, the civil society in the Arab world should take the initiative and mobilize efforts in a bid to alter this disgusting reality. Unquestionably, their efforts are a worthwhile enterprise. Until then, let’s wait and see.

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Mr. Imed Lassoued is a native of Tunisia. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in literature from the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Humanities La Manouba of Tunis,Tunisia.[/symple_box]