Gulfsands Petroleum Discovers “100% Pure Gas” in Morocco

Gulfsands Petroleum Discovers “100% Pure Gas” in Morocco

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Gulfsands Petroleum Discovers 100% Pure Gas in Morocco

Gulfsands Petroleum PLC has successfully drilled the Lalla Yetou Updip 1 well in the Rharb Centre permit of northern Morocco and discovered an estimated rate of 6.6 million standard cubic feet per day gas (mmscfpd) with no formation water produced. 

According to a press release from the aforementioned company, “after the conclusion of drilling and formation evaluation operations, the 12 meter gross reservoir section was perforated and a short term production clean up flow period was undertaken. Within one hour after commencing the cleanup flow period, the well had unloaded the completion fluids and was producing 100% gas to surface and with 0% bulk solids and water (BS&W). The estimated flow rate for the well, based on empirical calculation methods, was approximately 6.6 mmscfpd on a 28/64″ choke. After completing the 12 hour cleanup flow period, the well was shut in for pressure build-up observations. The drilling rig will be released from the LTU-1 location, and the LTU-1 well will be temporarily suspended as a future gas producer.”

Mahdi Sajjad, the Company’s CEO commented: “We are very pleased with the successful results achieved in the  Lalla Yetou Updip-1 well. This well is the first well location to be drilled following our interpretation of seismic data acquired in the recently completed Rharb 3D seismic programme which we hope will provide a firm foundation for further drilling successes on this permit.

I would like to congratulate all of our technical staff who contributed to the success of this operation, especially our drilling team lead by our long time drilling manager, Sabih Noori, who managed to drill and complete this well very efficiently despite a number of technical and logistical challenges that arose after the well reached target depth. The senior staff at ONHYM also deserve a special mention for the considerable assistance they have provided with various aspects of the drilling operations and testing programme which were required to be completed during the holy Ramadan period.”