Diaries of a Moroccan in London (The End)

Diaries of a Moroccan in London (The End)


East or West, Morocco is Genuinely the best

If I have to state some of the reasons behind my decision to return back to Morocco, I would state many. Let’s start with the fact that I struggled to cope out with the UK’s lifestyle. I found many difficulties finding a job. I got kicked out from the first job and found more difficulties finding a second one. In the second one, I literally suffered during my shifts. While trying to find another one, to forget the homesickness that was haunting me down wherever I sat down my foot, all doors were slammed in my face. I had enough of being mistreated. Looking for a job only turned me to a more depressed and anxious person: a person who is only seeking to find a way to gain more. I wasn’t myself there. In fact, I did love the UK. I still have good memories of the place. Actually, bad and good ones, but mostly the bad ones that made me go back home. Home is where my heart and my soul were at. I was in the UK but I left everything in Morocco, my family, my friends, my origins and my neighborhood. My mind was wandering in Morocco all the time. I had to come back. I had to or I would burst into tears in order to live again, only for few more moments….to live as Youssef Gherradi, the real me.

The bittersweet yearning for the homeland is the immigrant’s foe abroad. The land that millions of Moroccans would love to travel to has become an obstacle for many dreamers’ achievements. The dream to become a migrant pushes many people to sell everything and to try all endeavors to cross the sea. However, there are millions of Moroccans abroad who only ask to walk down their homeland’s streets and greet their neighbors, hear the call of the prayer and enjoy the family gatherings time. The land that many Moroccans dream to set foot in does feel neither their existence nor their pain. Howbeit, immigrants cannot deny their longing to their land and the pain they are suffering when they are away from the apple of their hearts.  I wouldn’t realize the sweetness of my native soil if I wasn’t far away from home.

In a nutshell, east or west home is genuinely the best.