Hamid Chabat Resolved More than Ever to Have a Beach in Fes

Hamid Chabat Resolved More than Ever to Have a Beach in Fes

Non Contractual Photo: Image created using Photoshop. Photo Credits: The Moroccan Times.

According to the Moroccan daily Akhbar Alyoum, Hamid Chabat is more than ever resolved to see his 2009 dream-project of building an artificial beach in the Moroccan city of Fes see the light.

As a matter of fact, the council of the city of Fes has just given the green light to go ahead with the project.

While many Moroccans, especially on social media, did not take Chabat’s project seriously due to the man’s well-known goofy statements and failed projects (like the Eiffel Tour of Fez), Leconomiste, a leading economy media outlet in Morocco, said that the project is all but the man’s pipe dream.

The artificial beach of Fes, according to the aforementioned source, will have a 130,000 m2 of water surface and will be around 1.5 km-long.

Leconomiste added that the beach will be also equipped with a small port and a marina and should accommodate even jet skis and small boats!

The said outlet added that the project will require a huge budget of around 1500 MDH and that the project’s plot is located near the touristic area of Oued Fes.

The artificial beach’s water is set to be supplied from Ain Sened.

Early reports say that the project’s money should be funneled from the private sector, especially given its aforementioned staggering cost, from which only the cost of construction is estimated at 380 MDH.

While the “Fes artificial beach” is set to be finished by the horizon 2016, it is worth reminding that Morocco has already an artificial beach in the city of Marrakesh.

If the project truly sees light, this will be Morocco’s second artificial beach and the biggest one probably in Africa.

Do you believe the project will see light? or do you think it will end up as Chabat’s failed Eiffel Tour project?

The Moroccan Times.