Keep Fasting Even After Ramadan

Keep Fasting Even After Ramadan


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Ramadan folded few days ago, but fasting should not. Not just because it is a Sunnah (body of Islamic religious law which is based upon the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) to fast 2 times per week, but also for its many health benefits.

All religions include plenty of God’s orders. The mission of all creatures on earth is to obey God. For instance, since the foundation of Islam, worshippers have done their duties with respect to God’s orders. Yet, millions of people did so without knowing the scientific benefits of worshiping the almighty. They did not know that Sujood (prostration) heals neurological diseases and organizes the process of blood circulation, Ruku (bowing) cures backache, and that fasting strengthens the body’s immunity and many more. Indeed, Ramadan is a month in which Muslims everywhere are ordered to fast from dawn to sunset, ergo take advantage of its benefits in a “compulsory way”, as it is decreed on all Muslims. However, as scientists have revealed nowadays many benefits related to fasting, I believe we should embrace this Sunnah both hands and fast at least 2 days a week. As a reminder to encourage The Moroccan Times readers to fast, no matter what their beliefs are, the following lines will include a short summary of the benefits of fasting.

The first is the purification of the body. When we breathe, our body absorbs thousands of toxins. Fasting helps us to remove those toxins out of our lungs. In addition, stomach and intestines, during fasting time, “clean themselves” and dispose of any waste matter. The second advantage of fasting is the purification of the soul. Fasting enhances greater mental clarity, provides a better sleep and cures stuck emotional patterns, particularly depression. The third merit of fasting concerns each of the following organs of the body.


Fasting lowers the occurrence of brain stroke. It pushes the body to consume extra fat, and then the level of blood cholesterol, which is responsible for the stroke, diminishes.


Around 125 million cells die every second in the body. The body produces new more millions of cells when we fast. Thus, Fasting helps to increase this number and get rid of weak cells that are on the verge of death to generate new ones.


The level of water in blood is lessened during the fasting time. This level is also reduced in the skin. Consequently, fasting helps to overcome skin diseases.

Digestive system:

The source of body energy is food and digestive organs take 65% of it. Accordingly, Fasting rests both the digestive system and the body.


The breakdown of Glucose to produce energy for the body goes up during fasting. This leads to decrease the production of insulin. As a result, pancreas takes rest.


Fasting helps rest the liver from its various functions, such as removing toxins from the blood and producing bile, a fluid responsible for digestion. Therefore, the liver has the opportunity to renew its cells.


During fasting time, the kidney intensifies the amount of diuresis; an increase in the production of urine. This is an indication that the kidney’s function of purifying the blood has radically improved.

Fasting has many other benefits. As a matter of fact, it helps overcome addictions, reduces the risk of diabetes, strengthens the immune system and helps lose weight.

To wrap up, fasting is the miracle cure of all times. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said: ‘fasting is a shield’. Fasting protects humans from physical and mental diseases. If you want to keep your body healthy and stronger, no matter what your beliefs are, you should fast from time to time, not only in Ramadan, because, as the Arabic saying goes: ‘prevention is better than cure’.