Wild Boar Kills a Man in Morocco (Video Included)

Wild Boar Kills a Man in Morocco (Video Included)

Wild Boar Kills a Man in Morocco
Wild Boar Kills a Man in Morocco. Non Contractual Image.

A Moroccan citizen, identified as Mr. Regragui, passed away in a small village located in the suburbs of Essaouira and left behind him a distressed wife after that he was attacked by a wild boar.

According to local witnesses, the boar that killed the man was raging, as some unidentified hunters shot it earlier but could not kill the animal.

While the man was shepherding his sheep in a nearby forest, the raging boar attacked the man and killed him.

According to the video above, after killing the man, the raging boar headed to the small village where the late lived.

Surprisingly, the boar tried to attack the late’s mother, who saw the animal and alerted her other son about it. The said son told the local citizens, who came to help kill the animal, to not rush and panic because the boar was “effortless, bleeding, and barely moving.”

Later on, the late’s brother and other citizens followed the animal’s drops of blood to find his brother’s corpse lifeless lying on the ground.

Local witnesses said that boars have been eating their crops and terrorizing the small town for years, especially that the boars’ comfort zone has expanded to the village in question, which prompted the citizens to submit an official request to the concerned authorities to start the process of killing “extra-boars,” in order to diminish their population.

Ambiguously, their request was denied by the authorities who said that “the area was booked for professional hunters.”

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