Lions “at Large” in Saaidia, Morocco

Lions “at Large” in Saaidia, Morocco

lion at large morocco on the loose
Lions “at Large” in Saaidia, Morocco

A video recently uploaded on Youtube (video underneath) by Troco Tv shows a lioness “at large” in the Moroccan city of Saaidia.

The Lioness was caught moving back-and-forth in front of the gate of a villa.

The man who was recording the video was caught asking his friends about the location of the second lion, which indicates that there was probably another lion in the surroundings.

It is highly probable that the lioness belongs to a well-to-do Moroccan who could afford “to pet” such a dangerous animal.

People who took the video could be heard in a quite surprised tone, especially that they were shouting from time to time sounds of astonishment at the sight of this unusual scene!

The Moroccan Times.