Congo Declares Ebola Outbreak in Northern Equateur Province

Congo Declares Ebola Outbreak in Northern Equateur Province

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Democratic Republic of Congo declared an Ebola outbreak in its Northern Equateur province.

The decision came after two out of eight cases tested came back positive for Ebola virus, Health Minister Felix Kabange Numbi said, RT reported.

“I declare an Ebola epidemic in the region of Djera, in the territory of Boende in the province of Equateur,” Kabange Numbi told a news conference on Sunday.

“One of the tested cases came back positive for the Sudanese strain of the virus, while the other one was a mixture between the Sudanese and the Zaire strain, known to be the most lethal,” Numbi added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) could not confirm the information. On Thursday the WHO said Ebola was not the virus that killed at least 70 people in the province, identifying the disease as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. The Zaire strain of the Ebola virus has killed at least 1,427 people in West Africa since March.

Source: FARS