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Political sentiment across the Continent has converged at a grumpy (Irritated, ghadib, grincheux, grognant) and small-minded  nadir (HaDiD, Darak Al Asfal, Le point le plus bas, Nadir).

There is alienation( Ibti3ad, 3ozla, Alienation, éloignement) from the European Union.
There is anger about high unemployment. There is pessimism over the future. There is irritation at immigration. There is alienation from the European Union.
What, The Chorus goes, has Morocco done for us..(Al jama3a, Moroccans, the people in question)

brought Prosperity= Al Izdihar wa rakha2, la prospérité
Solidarity atrophied (Asabaha Al Joumoud, Atrophié)

Their plight= situation critique, critical situation Ma2zique

This thing is in vogue= fi rawaje= à la mode, en vogue
Irredentisme (political aspiration to something back in history. Like putin with U.R.S.S or Erdogan with Othoman’s)

which anti-Americanism mingles with general spleen. (mingles = imtazaja, ikhtalata)
spleen = humeur = Bad temper. Mizaj sayi2
The fringe = le bord = Al Hafa
Created Havoc= Khalaka al Faouda. Provoqué une ravage

As for Putin’s Eurasian Union, we have been in that cage before

Europeans of different stripes see him standing up to America, incarnating “family values,
countering a loathed European Union = détéste makroha

Europeans would do well to lift their gaze from the small world of their current anger toward those blue and gold flags fluttering on the Maidan, the better to recall what freedom means and with what sacrifice it has been attained

Adiding tukish gays (assisting, supporting, mousanadat, aider faciliter).

This was not the first time Ankara floated the idea (se pencher sur l’idéee, brought , Tarahat)
could have the unintended consequence of fueling the country’s widespread homophobia.

Many Turkish activists are thus skeptical of the ministry’s stated intentions, particularly as no L.G.B.T. rights groups were informed — much less consulted — before Mr. Bozdag’s announcement

To parry sanctions fro the EU: éludur, eviter, tafadi.

Cynical = cinique Sakhir. Cynical reaction= Rad fi3l Sakhir.
Security Ward = Janah al amn, paroiss, salled de sécurité

Ad hoc policies, improvises, ad hoc, li gharad tafih,
Proponents of the government, partisants, adeptes, Ansar, mou2ayidine
And if Ankara is serious about helping the country’s L.G.B.T. inmates, it must include Turkish rights groups in policy discussions, right from the start.

If there is one rule of international affairs that the Obama administration has forgotten or never learned, it is that mediated settlements reflect power balances.

a piecenik moment = un moment pacifiste
the aversion = l’aversion = al Noufour

But as the disasters in Syria and Iraq illustrate,

force is abjured = (Tabara2a minha) abjure
it’s an iron law that mediation reflects power balances,

the world’s leaders threw up their hands when the words festered (taqayahate) suppurer

a whim = caprice, nazwa, hawa( don’t sue for peace on a whim)

unbacked = having no material or financial support

the converse is also true= the opposite is also true =

Maliki is a Nixonian figure who sees enemies everywhere, especially among Sunnis. Like Nixon, he was elected democratically.

to indulge = gater = dallala = Obama should have never allowed maliqi to indulge his worst indulge his worst, petulant instincts.

petulant = irritable = mouchakis, Nakida, 3adaiya

The exercise is as pointless as asking Assad to be a democrat

earnest naivité= sincere naivité= sadaj, basite, 3ar

hinges on , consiste à,= yartakizou ala, yatawaqafou ala, (progress in Iraq and Syria hinges on moving beyond Maliki and Assad.

Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.

will use force unilateraly = من جانب واحد= unilatérement

regional clout = al noufoud al iklimi

Moroccan sultans, during the whole of their reign, had to face bouts of dissidence from their own family ranks or from Amazigh tribes.

dwells = habiter
he mainly dwells on = focuses on in his writing, (he mainly dwells on cesar borjia)

Ferocly = bi sharasa, bi la hawada, bi darawa = férocement

Military tutelage = al wisaya al askariya = tutelle militaire

Send the military to its barack

Legacy = heritage = torath, mirath

Soundou al makassa brought public uneasiness with them

corroded = mouta2akila= corrode
the government has passed the buck of the responsibility for the failures and criticisms

to kill a butterfly using a bazooka

the scorecard of the Gülen movement is brilliant as an NGO

grow dismayed = yanmou bilfaza3 = dismay = faza3, constérné

hey ended as a defeat for the centrist opposition parties, as the lack of convincing alternative policies and figures proved acute and unsolvable (Shadida, Sa3ba, difficult)

watershed = noktat tahawoul, moment critique, grand tournant , basin versant
subordinated = subordoné = takhda3
autogolp = inkilab, un coup
de facto = fi al waki3, de facto
superfluous = superflu = 3air darori
based on keeping the reins tight in Ankara
What is also known by now, to the disappointment of many in and outside the country, is that
hampered = A3aka, entravé
nternet and social media usage has been hampered and dissent has been quelled in a harsh manner
quelled to quell: réprimer, kam3
against this gloomy background, gloomy picture, somber = ka2ibe
borne out = confimé = Akada, 3azaza
The main challenge is with Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, whose candidacy is borne out of an alliance between the Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)
any governments are ringing alarm bells about a new generation of home-grown jihadists
the al Baghdadi caliphate is doomed= candamné mahkoume alayhi bil fashal
the al-Baghdadi caliphate is doomed, not least because the new caliph is a psychopathic serial killer whose violent behavior will eventually antagonize most of his original supporters.
n a thorough analysis of the dynamics both in Syria and Iraq, Julian Barnes-Dacey of the European Council on Foreign Relations stresses the fact that
I guess it is safe to say that, ten to one, the new caliphate at Turkey’s southern border will soon be remembered as a bloody but unsuccessful attempt to reverse the course of history.

Reckless = motahawir, taich,

 shivering in dread = yartajf min al khawf
shivering in dread of the inevitable exposure of the straits to which his recklessness and their neglect have brought the puny

Israel intentionally targets and murders civilians, including children, en masse.

Shrugged off , tajahalat, haussé les épaules.

Israel is Sadistically blockading Israel, sadiquement, bi tarika sadiya (tasoude)

I dare you = je vous défie = atahadak
who had been willing to embark upon bold and daring military adventures

Tacit, implicit = tacitely = implicitement tacite, Dimni
were extremely reluctant to make even the smallest concessions for peace

Plutocrats =tabaka 3ania nafida bil mal, (usa Zionist lobby)

Minute perfect=  minute detail= its gotta be perfect and you cant have any mistakes=  It means to look at something very closely and very thoroughly

The booklet is full of meaty advice about how they should shape their answers for different audiences.

Looking  for twelve o’clock at 2 ocklock’

“I used to watch the tiger in the zoo. Now, I would enjoy watching the tiger in the wild.” Cenk sacked form ABC

People in washington don’t like much your tone. He only framed that way.

I was puzzled that: confused, at a loss to understand.

CNN give you the perks ( fame, more sheerful)

Let me break it down even further for you so as you see the howl of the disaster.

The other hypothesis, as well rings true,

If you attack something through adds, it may backfire (give the opposite results).

You are making a rationalization (refers to the replacement of traditions, values, and emotions as motivators for behavior in society with rationalcalculated ones.

He wouldn’t let him talk. He just had him on bedroom. (sean Hannity show)

If you have higher/good education under your belt, the higher chances you have to …

You may shoot yourself in the foot.

Wade= to walk through water . to wade through the shallows ( al miyah al dahla)

mitigate costs substantially = attenuer = takhfif
But it also meant I was scared a lot. (phrase style)

global-warming deniers, fossil-fuel executives and the politicians who protect them.

Numb denial of global warming  (numb= déprouvé, engourdi, deprive de sensation sur quelque chose)
Most evangelicals — 76 percent — don’t even believe in

I couldn’t yet fathom evolution and natural selection = (fathom = understand something difficult and deep) = isti3ab fahm tamaman

 I had no good theory about how the world came to be.

Limbo = an uncertain period where awaiting to make decision.
In serious limbo,

my skin was pruned =  med doigts se frippent.

houses have to have builders, paintings have to have painters, the world must have a maker.

I had to make a study of it [evolution], look at the finches myself, (finches type of birds with a lot of colors: probably in relation to evolution)

it took a leap of faith =an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved

interconnectedness = al tarabot = interdependence =

 the interconnectedness of all life on an unfathomable scale =incapable of being fully explored or understood. لا يسبر غوره mobham, insondable

The rhetoric that would pit faith against reason = pit (opposer, mo3arada)

, less mystical than pragmatic, (pragmatic = dealing with things practically not theorically)

so hard to fathom = to understand

several loopholes in election legislation = al thagharat, les lacunes

. It amounts to the usurpation of a democratic right of the people.” = violation, i3tisab, salb hak

“Thou shall not laugh” => good article title for Turkey women laughing

Thou, Turkey’s Women, shall not laugh, since Turkey has the worst female labor-force statistics among the European Union member and candidate states. Thou should not lauph (porno , polygamie, prostitutes)

(written in old English to show how old they are to believe such dogmas)

Inflicted = causé, caused, oulhika

A rape case could lead to a ruling that the victim provoked the criminal.

Stillborn = wiladat tifl mayit mort-né, mawloud mayit

Patriarchal hegemony = الهيمنة الذكورية, l’hegemonie patriarcale

Uncouth person (of a person or their appearance or behavior) lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

Parochial: paroissial =  mahdoud al tafkir

The PJD is being uncouth and parochial.

Winning all the elections since its inception

To Garner = to gather

party disagreements are fewer and not obtrusively expressed. ( avec indiscression / not explicitely)

But the CHP is neither so monolithic nor so ideologically coherent. A mosaic of self-defined nationalists, leftists, social democrats and Kemalists make the CHP an incoherent party with no fluent future plan for Turkey

İhsanoğlu has been announced to be the joint candidate of the two opposition parties in the Turkish parliament:Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) for the 2014 presidential election,

Ekmaledine Mehmet ihsanoglu suffered from tissue rejection

vehemently objected to İhsanoğlu = i3tirad bi shida = oppose violament

They believe in a revolution from above, just as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk achieved, by relying on a vanguard bureaucratic cadre. Their wish is to create a monolithic society with no visible cultural, social or political differences. Although there is little democracy in their vision, there are a lot of invocations of pluralism, the left and revolution in their rhetoric.

Vanguard = tali3a = Tali3at haraka ma

they are vociferous = ils sont bruillant

His “all-Turkey” approach made inroads into the CHP constituency and a group in the party administration wants the adoption of this embracing rhetoric and attitude.

a future vision where canned ideologies and practices of the past (“the good old days”) will not be served to the people any more.

If the above democratic political agenda can be wedded with a sustainable economic program in tune with international realities and Turkey’s untapped potential
untapped = inéxploité = 3air mousta3ala