ISIS in Algeria: Morocco Deploys Reinforcements in its Southern Borders

ISIS in Algeria: Morocco Deploys Reinforcements in its Southern Borders

Moroccan Forces patrolling near the Moroccan-Algerian borders.

The Gendarmerie Royale has strengthened its positions in several border points south of the kingdom, especially in the provinces of Smara, Laayoune and Dakhla.

According to the arabic-based Moroccan newspapers Al Massae, these reinforcements deployed in the southern provinces by the General Command of the Gendarmerie Royale, aim to increase the security vigilance at Moroccan Algerian borders after it was announced that an ISIS-linked terrorist group in Algeria is trying to enter Morocco across the southern border.

The same source added that sending these reinforcements was accompanied, by an expansion of helicopter patrols along the borders.

These measures coincide also with the Algerian army planning on organizing manoeuvres with the Polisario militia on the other side of the border. It was reported that this could be an opportunity for the Algerian government to send to Morocco armed militia in order to commit terrorist acts in the southern provinces.

It is worth reminding that a former Algerian spy confessed that Algerian Secret Services were behind the terrorist attacks of Marrakesh back in 1994.

Back-then, the Algerian nationals behind the terrorist attacks entered the Moroccan lands using fake “Canadian passports.”

At that time, Rabat failed not to directly accuse the Algerian government of committing the terror acts and imposed visa in response.

Few days after imposing the visa, the Algerian authorities decided to close the borders.

The Moroccan Times.