“Casablanca Finance City” and “Casablanca Stock Exchange” Highlighted at the United Nations

“Casablanca Finance City” and “Casablanca Stock Exchange” Highlighted at the United Nations

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“Casablanca Finance City” and the ‘Casablanca Stock Exchange” Highlighted at the United Nations.

On the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations, at the headquarters of the Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York, Mbarka Bouaida, the Moroccan Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, gave a statement at a meeting which was attended by several African policy makers and foreign investors, and said that “Morocco is a regional hub of investments in Africa, thanks to its strategic geographical location as well as the various free trade agreements concluded with several countries,” a statement from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs read.

The Moroccan minister highlighted the importance of “Casablanca Finance City” which represents today a “financial hub for Africa”, and the ‘Casablanca stock exchange’ which is one of ‘the fastest growing financial markets in the African continent “that can present the image of Africa as” modern and innovative “.

Bouaida said that “it is essential to ensure stability and security through political reforms, to adopt structural investment plans that offer more visibility to investors, and to set up partnerships, both private and public and partnerships between public funds and sovereign funds.”

The meeting held at the UN “presented an opportunity for Morocco to stress the importance of moving towards a constant and sustainable growth in Africa. It was also an occasion to explain the Moroccan strategy in Africa, which is based on South – South cooperation, and to shed light on the Moroccan projects in Africa,” the said source added.

The Moroccan Times.