Demonstration in Front of the Moroccan Parliament Against Racism

Demonstration in Front of the Moroccan Parliament Against Racism

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Charles Ndour was stabbed in the neck before being dragged on the streets of Boukhalef by a Moroccan gang. 

Dozens of Moroccans, including local and international activists, took to the streets of Rabat yesterday to denounce the “slaughtering like a sheep” of a Senegalese migrant in Boukhalef, Tangier.

The protest was organized by local human rights groups and took place in front of the Moroccan parliament in Rabat, the capital of the kingdom.

On the night of the 30th of August, the city of Tangier wore black of dismay following a group of Moroccan thugs slaughtering in an Eid-El-Adha-like manner an illegal Senegalese migrant called Charles Ndour.

The King’s attorney said that 3 suspects were arrested and are currently being investigated, mainly accused of “deliberate murder,” among other crimes.

The criminals broke into the late’s house and stabbed him in the neck with an arm-long knife, before dragging his corpse out.

The sad event happened in Boukhalef, one of Tangier’s poorest neighborhoods.

The killing maybe a pure act of racism, but some local news outlets allege that the late sold “fake drugs” to the gang.

The following video features a Senegalese migrant, who used to be a friend of the late, saying that the Moroccan police “keeps beating all sub-Saharan migrants and they even stand by the criminals side whenever a spat between Moroccans and sub-Saharan migrants erupt.”

Another Senegalese migrant, whom the late used to buy him coffee cups and used to nickname him “Pappi” (Dad), said that “Charles was a nice guy. He never did something bad at all. He is a peaceful migrant.”

“We did not come from Senegal to Morocco trigger a war. The Moroccan gangs keep attacking us. They break into our houses and rub us on a more or less daily basis. This is the problem. It is the Moroccan thugs.”

Reports say that there are around 40,000 sub-Saharan Africans in Morocco.

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