60% of French Tourists Cancel Their Bookings to Morocco

60% of French Tourists Cancel Their Bookings to Morocco


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According to the leading Moroccan economy daily Leconomiste, the winter season will be harsh on the Moroccan touristic sector given that “the latest security updates from the French Foreign Ministry, which issued a statement asking its expats living in Maghreb countries, as well as its nationals planning to travel to the the Maghreb, to be “extremely carefully,” has already had its negative effects on the sector.

Morocco’s leading economy outlet Leconomiste said that the professionals of the Moroccan touristic sector said that around 50-60% of French tourists canceled their bookings to Morocco, in the matter of only one week!

The said source reported a professional of the sector saying the following: “We are witnessing an extraordinary wave of temporary and cyclical cancellation of bookings from French tourists.”

It is worth reminding that the security notice came as a direct result of the emergence of a video on social media, showing a masked member of an Algerian terrorist group calling itself Jund al-Khilafah, or Soldiers of the Caliphate, executing a French tourist, who was on a hiking trip in Algeria, and urging France ends its airstrikes and other military actions against the ISIL terrorist organization.

The security notice concerns the French nationals who live/or aim to travel to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and Mali.

The Moroccan Times.