Bread Price Looks Set to Increase by 20 Cents in Morocco

Bread Price Looks Set to Increase by 20 Cents in Morocco



The National Federation of Moroccan Bakeries and Pastry shops (FNBP) plans to increase the retail price of bread to 1.40 dirhams for the unit, namely registering an increase of 20 cents.

The head of the FNBP, Mr. El Houcine Azaz, justified the increase saying that the government “has not met its commitments in regards to the promises it gave, especially after years of void dialogue.”

The president of the Federation also criticized the government for not willing to enact laws against the informal sector, which heavily competes with legal bakeries and offers cheaper prices for the unit of bread and “does not pay taxes to the state.”

“Bread prices have not changed during the last 10 years,” Azaz told Al Masae newspaper, urging the government to “not politicize this case.”

“We are increasing it because we can no longer bear the costs related to paying taxes and the Social Security Fund.”

The government failed not to echo its full rejection to the prospective increase, urging the federation to take into consideration the repercussions they may be subject to, in case they linger in their decision, given the fact that the price of bread is regulated by the government.