Moroccans to Protest Against Israel this Evening in Front of the Moroccan...

Moroccans to Protest Against Israel this Evening in Front of the Moroccan Parliament

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Image from Archive. A young Moroccan protesting in front of the Moroccan parliament Israel’s summer-assaults on the Gaza Strip.

Moroccans will take to the streets of Rabat this evening (starting from 6PM local time) to protest against Israel’s continuing illegal settlements plans on Palestinian lands, recent assaults on Al-Aqsa mosque, the continuous breaking of the cease-fire deal in Gaza by the Israeli authorities and others.

The demonstration is organized by the National Work Union (مجموعة العمل الوطنية) and is set to kick-off from the Moroccan Parliament of Rabat.

A statement from the said union, relayed by the official website of Morocco’s Justice and Development Party (PJD), read the following:

“The move came as a result of the continuous barbaric attacks the Zionist entity perpetrates on the people of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque, the continued persecution of worshipers and torturing of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West-bank, the increase of house demolitions and land confiscation committed by the “Zionist machine” blatantly before “the ears and eyes” of the international community, and especially to denounce the clear breaching of international law by the terrorist policy of deliberate aggression against the resisting people of Gaza.”

Following the amounting of Israel’s assaults on Palestinians, the National Work Union has also called upon all individuals of the Moroccan society to hold protests in various cities of the Kingdom to denounce the ongoing settlement plans, assaults, breaking of the cease-fire deals and many others breaches of the international law Israel is currently committing.

The Moroccan Times.