Human Rights Watch: “Algeria Is Legally Responsible For Ensuring Respect For Human...

Human Rights Watch: “Algeria Is Legally Responsible For Ensuring Respect For Human Rights In Tindouf


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The latest Human Rights Watch report said that “Algeria should publicly acknowledge its legal responsibility for ensuring respect for the rights of everyone on its territory, including residents of the Polisario-run refugee camps.” 

The report went on further to note that the Polisario Front “should end military court jurisdiction over civilians and eradicate all vestiges of slavery”, the international human rights watchdog noted, adding that the leaders of the front should “ensure that camp residents are free to challenge its policies and leadership” and “advocate options other than independence for the Sahara”.

Though the report closed suggesting that “the UN Security Council should expand the mandate of MINURSO to include human rights monitoring and public reporting in the Sahara, the given “suggestion” is deemed non-viable as it constitutes an infringement on Morocco’s sovereignty over its own territory. The suggestion is like telling the U.S. authorities in New York, or anyone in any sovereign state for that matter, we don’t trust the New York Police Department and we have to install our “human rights monitoring and public reporting” in the place… Of course, no sovereign state can accept this as it is an infringement of sovereignty over its own territory…

The Moroccan Times.