Algeria Categorically Rejects the Shooting in the Face and Says Their “Officer...

Algeria Categorically Rejects the Shooting in the Face and Says Their “Officer Only Shot in the Air Twice”


Algeria said it “categorically rejects” Morocco’s narrative of the event that occurred last Saturday at noon at the border point of Oulad Slaleh.

“The ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically rejects the false presentation of the incident that occurred on October 18 on the Algerian-Moroccan border, as well as Morocco’s abusive political and media exploitation of it,” a statement form Algeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs read.

“The truth is that a border guard patrol was targeted that day by a group of Moroccan smugglers who threw stones (on the Algerian officers), but responded in a professional manner, as usual, by two warning shots into the air, which can in no way cause injuries to the people involved in the provocation act,” the statement added.

“The manipulation of facts and the escalation in Moroccan authorities’ comments, for shameful purposes, show an irresponsible attitude that is contrary to the principles of fraternity and neighbourly relations between the two peoples,” the Algerian statement further noted.

“Algeria, deploring Moroccan leaders’ propensity to distort the truth, rejects, once again, such provocative methods at a time when the international and regional context requires a quiet and constructive relationship as well as self-control in both acts and words,” the statement closed.

The Moroccan Times.