Taarabt and Redknapp “Overweight” Row Over

Taarabt and Redknapp “Overweight” Row Over

Taarabt and Redknapp "Weight" Row Over.
Taarabt and Redknapp “Weight” Row Over.

QPR coach Harry Redknapp, speaking at a press conference, has indicated today that his spat with Adel Taarabt is over now.

“I’ve had more ups than I have downs with Adel.

“I love his ability and talent. I just want him back to his best. He wants to train this morning and we’ll get him in shape as quickly as possible.

“As soon as Adel is fit and ready, we will bring him into the fold. He’s a fantastic talent and we need him.”

Taarabt has not started a game for QPR since August.

It is worth reminding that the spat has erupted following Redknapp furiously describing Adel as “three stone overweight,” following a dramatic loss at home against Liverpool.

The Moroccan player reacted by “unveiling” his belly for a photo-shoot to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail shared the image joined by the Taarabt’s hit back commentary: “Look, Harry, I’m not three stone overweight.”

Taarabt is yet to feature this season in the premier league.

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