Prince Moulay Rachid’s Wedding Ceremony

Prince Moulay Rachid’s Wedding Ceremony [First Day – Hdiya]


RABAT, Morocco-The Moroccan King Mohammed VI chaired yesterday the kick-off ceremony (Henna Day) of the wedding of his brother Prince Moulay Rachid at the Mishwar Al-Said Royal palace of Rabat.

As the video underneath shows, the event was attended by an array of  prominent guests, notably illustrious royal families, head of states and prominent Moroccan and foreign political figures.

The wedding ceremony unfolded with the Henna ritual, marked by presenting the Hdya to Prince Moulay Rachid’s fiancée, Lalla Oum Keltoum Boufarès.

The event was marked by a jovial atmosphere in which ululations mixed with typical Moroccan Folkloric choreographies presented by various Moroccan troupes that represent the specifies of all the regions of the Moroccan kingdom.

The Moroccan Times.