Moroccan Politician Sentenced to Prison Terms for “Gay Acts”

Moroccan Politician Sentenced to Prison Terms for “Gay Acts”


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Only 6 days after the incarceration of a Moroccan politician and a student following the two getting caught red-handed having sex in a car in the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima, the judge of first instance at the said city sentenced each to three years in prison for “homosexual acts.”

One of the two “lovers” is a well-known on-term elected local representative at the municipal council of Imzouren, representing the National Rally of Independents party (RNI), part of the current government coalition.

The man is still on papers affiliated to the party, but it is highly probable that he’ll be expelled really soon, at least for misconduct after performing sex in “public,” without invoking the gender of his sexual partner.

It is worth reminding that the RNI politician and his partner were arrested last weekend following a patrolling police car noticing strange movements inside a random parked car. This raised the authorities’ attention vis-à-vis the car in the first place, before they discovered that two men were having sex inside it.

The Moroccan Times.