Road Safety in Morocco: Weekly report released

Road Safety in Morocco: Weekly report released


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-The General Directorate of National Security released its weekly report summarizing its monitoring and control operations in the fields of traffic and patrol.

The DSGN said it has recorded 27,004 violations and delivered 4,283 fines without payment that were referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office while collecting 22,721 paid fines. The amount collected was 4,771,075 dirhams.

The number of vehicles placed in the municipal impoundment lot was 2,961, and the number of driver’s licenses withdrawn was 4,283. Additionally, 65 vehicles were confiscated.

According to said statement, during the week of April 17 to April 23, 17 people were killed, and 2,408 others were injured in 1,709 traffic accidents. Of these injuries, 89 were severe.

The main reasons leading to these accidents were attributed to the drivers’ lack of attention, failure to respect the right of way, excessive speed, inattention,  improper overtaking, driving in a prohibited direction, among others

The Moroccan Times.