Moroccan Government Launches Historic “Stipends Program to Support Needy Widows”

Moroccan Government Launches Historic “Stipends Program to Support Needy Widows”

Moroccan kid working in a car workshop. Image from archive.

Townsville, Australia (TMT)- The Moroccan government headed by Abdellilah Benkirane officially started a historic stipends program to support poor Moroccan widows, with around 10,500 widows having already benefited from the first monthly remittances two days before Eid Al Adha.

The number of widows benefiting from this social program is set to increase as the government is afoot conducting a study of an additional 40,000 potential cases.

Any Moroccan widow can benefit from the program and will receive for every children under the age of 21 an amount of MAD 350 a month, provided that the total remittance one family receives does not exceed MAD 1050.

According to the Moroccan government, children with special needs or disabilities will benefit from this program for their entire life.

Morocco’s head of the government Abdellilah Benkirane said that “this social program to help widows was initiated by the late Abdellah Baha,” the former state minister who was reported by the Moroccan authorities to have passed away tragically last year after getting hit by a train en route from Casablanca to Rabat.

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