Badr Hari: “I Will Give Mohammed Rabii 6000 DHs Per Month”

Badr Hari: “I Will Give Mohammed Rabii 6000 DHs Per Month”

badr hari rabii
Badr Hari (left) and Mohammed Rabii, both world champions in K-1 and boxing respectively.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Following the critics he received for not congratulating the recently-awarded world champion of boxing (-69 kg) Mohammed Rabii, Badr Hari, the Moroccan K-1 champion, told Rabii live on a radio show broadcast by Radio Mars yesterday, especially after hearing that he only gets 3000 dhs per month from the Moroccan boxing federation, that he will be supporting him financially to lure an Olympic medal.

“I will not write a post on Instagram or anything like that to congratulate you because that is not really congratulating you or supporting you,” Badr Hari told Rabii.

“I will be giving you 6000 Dhs per month. I will be wiring the money to you every month and I hope this will propel you to win an Olympic gold in the upcoming Olympic games in Rio,” Hari noted further.

Mohammed Rabii was left in awe when hearing Hari’s words.

“Thanks a lot brother Badr. I don’t know what to say. I am really speechless,” Rabii said.

Badr Hari further added that he “won’t only financially support  Rabii” as the K-1 Champion stressed that he will be providing “training support so that Rabii gets the best preparation for the Olympics.”

The Moroccan Times.