Ali Anouzla Questionned by a Judge of Instruction

Ali Anouzla Questionned by a Judge of Instruction

Ali Anouzla, Editor-in-chief of

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Moroccan journalist Ali Anouzla, editor-in-chief of, appeared yesterday before a judge of instruction, part of his prosecution on charges related to  “material support”, “apology,” “incitement to terrorism” and “knowingly providing material assistance to terrorists acts” after having linked an article in 2013 on Lakome to an El Pais article which contained an AQMI video calling for terrorists attacks against the kingdom.

The duration of the hearing took around 30 minutes, Anouzla told Moroccan news outlet Telquel.
Said source added that “the judge of instruction has transferred the case now to the prosecutor who will decide whether to indict the journalist or close the case.”

Telquel said that “both Anouzla and his lawyer Hassan Semlali were very reserved when speaking about the hearing.”

Ali Anouzla’s lawyer told Telquel that “it’s not in anyone’s interest that this row keeps getting dragged.”

The Moroccan Times.