El Omari: Benkirane is Not An ISIS Supporter

El Omari: Benkirane is Not An ISIS Supporter

Ilyass El Omari. Screen grab from a Youtube video.
Ilyass El Omari, Secretary General of Morocco’s Authenticity and Modernity party.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- While speaking to students of the High Institute of Journalism and Media during a conference held yesterday in Casablanca, the newly elected Secretary General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) answered a question regarding his famous statement “I am here to fight Islamists,” a statement he said in his first media encounter following his appointment as Secretary General of the PAM.

Ilyas El Omary said, ” When I said that statement, I was never referring to the PJD party, which is a party that is operating legally in Morocco.”

“I was not referring as well to the Al Adl Wa al Ihassane (Justice and Charity Organization/JCO) movement.”

“If Benkirane were a member of Al-Baghdadi’s Daesh, then how come my country accredited his party to operate legally in Morocco?” El Omari wondered.

“Benkirane is all but a Daechi Muslim, and I have never meant him or meant Al Adl Wa al Ihassane.

“Me too I have my own interpretation of Islam and nobody has the right to tell me [taking into consideration his own interpretation] that I am not Muslim,” El Omary noted.

The Moroccan Times.