Mass killing of stray dogs in Morocco triggers Huge Condemnation

Mass killing of stray dogs in Morocco triggers Huge Condemnation


WARNING: The Content May be Very Disturbing for Some People. We Urge You Not To Watch The Video if you are a sensitive person.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-The video above featuring municipality staff killing stray dogs in the Moroccan city of Ksar el-Kebir stirred up controversy and huge condemnation among various Moroccans on social media platforms, especially that the shooters were clearly inexperienced and did not headshot the dogs, most of the time not resulting in an instant kill of the poor animals, making them suffer for minutes before passing away.

On North Africa’s most read news outlet, which run a video entitled “Executing Dogs in Ksar el-Kebir” about the killing of stray dogs in said city, the utmost majority of readers condemned the act, calling for the authorities to find human ways of taking care of the problem of stray dogs in Morocco.

“I stand against this crime. It is God Who created those dogs. Why are you killing them?” a reader read.

“We should blame ourselves. We throw garbage everywhere, which attract dogs and fosters their reproduction. It is a shame to see that the shooter is very enthusiastic at shooting those poor animals. Do you see yourself as a lion in front of those little puppies? If you had a heart, the sound of their whimpering would repel you from shooting them.” a reader who goes by the name Jamal Rachidi wrote.

“Watching the video was very painful to me. We should strive to find a solution,” another reader wrote.

“This is not the right solution, this is disgusting!!” Drek wrote.
Nabil from the US called on the Moroccan authorities to jail the municipality staff who killed the stray dogs.

“Those people, they need to be brought to justice. This is animal abuse. I ask all Moroccans to take to the streets and claim justice. In the USA, if you kill any animal they put you in jail for a long time. What kind of Muslims are we. I swear the Muslims today are the real animals. Look at the Christians, they respect all kinds of life. Look at us, the Muslims.

“I ask the king to put those people behind bars as commander of the faithfuls because animals are the creation of god. I will wait for the king’s reaction on this matter,” said Nabil.

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