Zombie in my Office

Zombie in my Office


[symple_box]ali aradi Mr. Ali Al-Aradi is a Human Resource (HR), Learning Development (LD) & Management lecturer and writer, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[/symple_box]

When employees get up every morning without energy, walking to their work like zombies, their heads are quite heavy, it’s pointing straight down, and seeing everything in gray color. Then this is seriously the time to look for the root cause of this phenomenon in workplace, it may not only be that the employees are suffering, but maybe it’s the whole corporate culture that is at stake.

Perhaps after working in an organisation for a certain period, an employee will wonder why he’s here and where he is going, what is the meaning of his tasks, and what is the purpose of being in this organisation. All these questions awaking in an employee’s mind will look to be fulfilled with answers and that will bring depression to the workplace.

One way to solve this tragedy is by revealing the organisation’s purpose to the employees, not by fantasy phrase written by unknown person on small sign board hung on the reception area or on the company’s official webpage, but to be a mission developed from within, to give meaning to the employees existence in this organisation before any stockholders. This shall really reflect what the organisation is doing. In other words, what the employees are doing to reach the organisation’s vision and from there the employees need to feel their importance, appreciating their contributions in achieving the origination’s objectives and sharing the profit with them. As a reward for those efforts, employees want to feel the essence of working.