Moroccan throws his wife off 3rd floor Balcony after Refusing Abnormal Sex...

Moroccan throws his wife off 3rd floor Balcony after Refusing Abnormal Sex Positions

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Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The story you are about to read may sound unpalatable to your ear, but as the Moroccan saying goes, “Fil Maghrib la Tastaghrib,” which may translate in English to, “Do not wonder much about why things happen as such in Morocco.”

According to a story shared in today’s edition of the Moroccan paper Assabah, the Meknes court of Appeal sentenced a Moroccan man to 18 months behind bars for attempted murder when throwing his wife off the 3rd-floor balcony of their apartment in the well-known Meknes neighborhood Ouislane.

The man was sentenced earlier to 5 years of jail, but saw the court of appeal lower the sentence to 18 months following his wife, all but revenging, deciding to withdraw her complaint, even though she spent few days in coma and had various fractures and broken bones in the aftermath of the incident.

The man was convicted of hurling his wife from their 3rd floor home in a fit of rage following the husband asking his wife for “abnormal sexual positions,” as the wife told the judge.

The wife also told the judge that she decided to withdraw her complaint “out of love for her husband.”

This did not restrain the judge of appeal nevertheless from handing the man an 18-months-behind-bars sentence for attempted murder.

Indeed as the Arabic saying goes, “Mina lhoubi ma katal.”

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