Moroccan Government Officially Resolves Teacher Trainees Crisis

Moroccan Government Officially Resolves Teacher Trainees Crisis

aziz rabbah
Morocco’s Transport Minister Abdelaziz Rabbah.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan government officially resolved the teacher trainees crisis, following teacher trainees amounting an impressive wave of boycotting training centers and protesting across Morocco’s cities for a little over than 5 months.

All the 10000 teacher trainees will be employed starting from next January, pending successfully passing an exam in December, while the two decrees the government enacted last summer will not be canceled.

In light of the convened solution, Morocco’s Transport Minister Abdelaziz Rabbah said that “the convened agreement between the government and teachers trainees is an illustration that confirms the prevalence of the Moroccan model.”

“It is a missed opportunity for those predators who aim to instigate trouble,” Rabbah added.

“Teacher trainees have received an employment guarantee to start working next January, after sitting for an exam,” Rabbah stressed.

“Congratulations to all, and silence to those malevolent voices,” Rabbah closed.

It is worth reminding that the solution was proposed by Morocco’s Civil Society Initiative (CSI) two days ago after a meeting between both parties of the conflict, the Moroccan government and the National Council for Teacher-trainees, representing teacher trainees.

The Moroccan Times.