The scariest thing about Pakistan– Deafening silence from the mind of Kulbhushan...

The scariest thing about Pakistan– Deafening silence from the mind of Kulbhushan Jadhav


Think like the enemy. Let’s suppose I am an Indian State Spy. I don’t do bombs or bullets. I leave the dirty work to the paralyzed, defeated and etiolated Pakistani themselves. My job is what happens next. It is to turn carnage into consequences, body parts into politics. I am a consultant terrorist. I wear a suit, not explosives. A blood-stained park in Lahore is a means to an end – dismemberment of Pakistan. I have done it before in East Pakistan. I can do it again in Balochistan and Karachi where exhausted, isolated and vulnerable group of communities in Karachi and Balochistan are looking for justice and equality. For some, MQM was considered as their savior and for others they thought to fight the system through BLA with support from their Indian friends. We had great success with the help of Altaf Hussain and other’s but shrewd ISI caught up with the design and methodology of espionage in Karachi and Balochistan.

Last month I had another success. I converted a squalid psychopathological act into media frenzy at home and abroad, hate mongering, population-terrifying, global media frenzy. I sent my neighbor nation into shock. Pakistani PM had to drop everything canceling his trip to Washington – a chance to meet and collude with PM Modi to seek help. PM Nawaz was sad and apologetic for not making his trip to Washington, though he remained in Switzerland enjoying Alps while my boys were able to stoke fear in the heart of Pakistan by attacking Charsadda. What I came to know, it was PM Nawaz heed the advice from PM Modi to continue business talks in Switzerland.

I measure my success in column inches and television hours, specifically in international media and capitals of the world. My achievements in Pakistan normally result in Pakistani politicians competing for media attention while visiting hospitals and praying for the dead and visiting wounded in hospitals – scenes that give me great joy. While Nawaz Sharif keep his silence as his strategy keep to PM Modi happy, politicians including current ministers blames each other creating confusion among citizenry at large. I am to kill two birds with one stone. One creating fear in general population, second, the ultimate objective of disenfranchised, frustrated and persecuted people ready to be recruited for our cause. I deal not in actions but in reactions. I am a manipulator of politics. I work through the idiocies, incompetence’s and insensitivity of current Pakistani leadership and its people who are waiting desperately looking towards Pakistani army. However Pakistani army is constrained through democratic handcuffs – a delusion enshrined in democracy created by Zardari and Nawaz for economic benefit and supported by the world powers lining up to benefit themselves from Indian consumer market. India needed that international support to realize long awaited dream of being super power in south Asia.

Simon Jenkin has defined terrorism effects in four stages: first the horror, then the publicity, then the political grandstanding, and finally the climactic shift in policy. The initial act is banal. Last month the atrocities took place in Brussels happens almost daily on the streets of Baghdad, Karachi, Kabul and Istanbul. Coalition missiles, drone attacks and Isis bombs kill more innocents in a week than die in Europe in a year. The difference is the media response. A dead Muslim is an unlucky mutt in the wrong place at the wrong time. A dead European is front-page news. That facilitates my invisibility strengthened by the silence of government of Pakistan and its leaders. Financial support through cultural conduit of RAW in Dubai, London and Washington proved to be effective as such that no single Pakistani politicians have raised the issue when ISI caught up with me. Even the Pakistani media specifically major English newspapers, TV channels and liberal talk show host remain oblivious to the fact of my arrest until ISI forced my interview to be broadcasted. I feel the discomfort of minister of communication during that press conference. I consider that another accomplishment of RAW as Pakistani nation is down and defeated psychologically, in disarray, mostly concern of their wellbeing – some wishing to migrate and some question the principle of two nation theory and division of ‘Bharat mata’.

With the ground prepared by the media that compete for rating, the politicians at home and abroad entered on cue. Local English liberal media helped spread the perception that attack was religious intolerance. Foreign leaders as usual made statements of standing by Pakistan promising but asking Pakistan to do more by curbing extremism. Such perception in world capitals help enforces India’s regional agenda and to have hegemony over Pakistan and China. This further strengthens India’s perception of Pakistan as a failed state, the ultimate goal of Indian government. Most English newspapers and independent liberal TV channels assisted by Indian TV and RAW published articles about intolerance and extremism in Pakistan, while Sharmeen Obaid twitted “that it is a great day for Pakistani nation to look into mirror”. Such help from within Pakistan is an icing on the cake and successful execution of Indian intelligence operation to divide Pakistanis into extremist and liberals weakening their belief in two nation theory – ultimate goal of this operation. Upon my arrest by ISI, I accepted my role in anti-national terrorist activities designed by RAW Indian voices in Pakistan continue to defend India and RAW thus getting the attention off of me. I am thankful and indebt to these pro-democratic journalist and social media leaders specifically pro-democratic newspaper Dawn and media outlet GEO – both champions of liberal policies in Pakistan.

To know about these democratic Indian voices in Pakistan please review the following link: 92954fe6e0f67addb14e119526a9ea28.mp4

Reacting to terrorist attacks in Pakistan otherwise, in ways that do not play into state terrorism’s hands is full of temptation to appear liberal. Self-claimed free liberal media feels a duty to report events, as politicians feel duty to show they can protect the public, though miserably failed by design. Everyone involved reacting to Lahore attack, from journalists to politicians to security lobbyists, have interest in terrorism. Even the ruling parties have high stakes with respect to PM Modi friendship and personal dislike of Pakistani army. There is money, big money, to be made – the more terrifying it is presented, the more money. It is win-win situation for India and ruling party in Pakistan. This is what I have been getting paid for by Indian navy – to create fear and disturb the Pakistani society increasing frustration and desperation that may lead to civil war – high on our agenda.

Unfortunately ISI and defense forces of Pakistan are prevailing by sacrificing their young nationalistic soldiers. Hard core Pakistanis stand behind them still believing in two nation theory. Next phase of this effort that has already started is to encourage disowning and disfiguring the facts about Pakistan, Jinnah, and two nation theory through social media and liberals talk shows and English media by raising doubt on historical facts and asking irrelevant questions such as displayed in the video above……..”Bajrang bali ke jai”

My Pakistani friends consider Kulbhushan Jadhav thoughts and his mission of agent provocateur. What actions have we taken so far as nation to counter espionage and threat to Pakistan? Simply clicking “Like” on the face book is not enough? How should we react as a nation to such glaring threat to destabilize our homeland from our neighbor country of espionage and state terrorism? With criminal silence of Government of Pakistan what options do 180 million people of Pakistan have?

In my opinion Pakistani government is asking the wrath of people and Allah by being inactive and inconsiderate, incompetent and irresponsible. Nawaz Sharif and his sitting ministers must remember the fate of Saddam Hussain, Qaddafi and earlier the end of Shah of Iran and General Qasim in Iraq all liberal slaves to their interest.
In my opinion here’s how to respond to the Lahore attacks, prevailing corruption and looting of national assets through off-shore companies by kin and kith of Pakistani elites. We can respond to horrific attack in Lahore with a quiet and dignified sympathy, with prayers and silences. To downplay something is not to ignore it. State terrorism with specific aim deploys their atrocities for a political cause to support traitors in Pakistan. There is no sensible defense in a free society against atrocity or the sellouts within. But there is a defense against its purpose. It is to avoid hysteria, to show caution and a measure of courage, to be united supporting institutions sacrificing their blood daily for Pakistan. Not like the current government of Pakistan that lapses into a coma every time it comes to confront PM Modi and RAW efforts. I think it is due to PM Modi’s friendship with PM Nawaz or because of public fear to preserve their looted wealth amassed in off-shore accounts.

My friends the menace of Lahore, Peshawar and many, many other atrocities during last twenty years lies not in the terror, but in the corruption that facilitate the terror, terrorism and the terrorist in Pakistan. Any practicing Muslim Pakistani demands to follow Quran for good governance; or to follow guidance of Omar bin Abdul Aziz or as minimum follow the constitution of Pakistan that declares all powers belong to Allah. Though Islamic Republic by constitution, Pakistani ruling elite has ensured “NOT TO FOLLOW” even the basics tenets of Pakistani constitution through which they came to power.

So being democratic, for this elite group of people let us suggest Pakistani nation come out on streets, surround the Parliament and demand an immediate implementation constitution in its true form. If not, then present government and PM must be forced to sign-off Pakistani style “Magna Carta”* as King John was forced to sign an agreement with the rebels of the time who wanted to restrain the King using his legal power and offices rather too keenly. Present government must be forced to surrender by all means if we want to preserve and strengthen Pakistan.