Benkirane Kisses King Mohammed VI’s hand for the first time ever to...

Benkirane Kisses King Mohammed VI’s hand for the first time ever to “ask for forgiveness”


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- During the allegiance ceremony day, the head of the Moroccan government Abdellilah Benkirane was seen kissing King Mohammed VI’s hand for the first time ever, asking King Mohammed VI for forgiveness when saying “We are your servants your majesty. Forgive me please if something I said or did did not please you.”

One day before the allegiance ceremony day, King Mohammed VI lambasted Benkirane when he addressed a speech to the nation on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the throne day, stressing that “I am, however, astounded to see some parties indulge in practices that are contrary to the ethics and ideals of political action, making statements and using expressions that tarnish the reputation of the nation and the credibility and sanctity of institutions, in their attempt to gain voters’ support.”

Benkirane said on the 26th of June when giving a speech to members of the youth section of the Justice and Development Party (well known under its French acronym PJD) in Bouznika that “there are two states in Morocco, an official one headed by King Mohammed VI, and another state that I don’t know where it comes from,” before adding “I don’t know neither how they take decisions and make nominations.”

King Mohammed VI was reportedly very angry at Benkirane’s statement, which triggered the latter to kiss his hands for the time ever in a bet to get his forgiveness.

The Moroccan Times.