Zemmour: France and Israel armies ready to rid France of Muslims

Zemmour: France and Israel armies ready to rid France of Muslims

Eric Zemmour.
Eric Zemmour.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Eric Zemmour, a well-known controversial French writer, political journalist, and a former reporter for Le Figaro, sparked a huge controversy this week on RTL radio saying that the French and Israeli armies will rid France of its 5 million Muslims when the right time comes.

“The General Staff of the army knows that a day will come when it will have to regain what has become alien land on our own soil,” Zemmour said.

Zemmour, who describes himself as a “Jewish French,” added, “French people have become foreigners in their own land”.

Zemmour stressed that in some regions, ‘there are no French people, only Muslims’.

The controversial figure went on to say that one of his contacts in the French Army hierarchy told him that the French military, with support from Israel, is already ready to rid France of Muslims when the right time comes.

‘The plan is already in the pipeline, it is called Operation Brambles. It was developed with the help of Israeli army specialists who have passed on to their French colleagues their experience of Gaza. Everybody is talking about the comparison’, Zemmour said.

Zemmour’s statement sparked huge controversy in France, with some referring to him as a neo-nazi.

Oddly enough, Zemmour himself comes from a Jewish family who lived in North Africa, under the protection of Muslims for centuries. His family fled Algeria during the Algeria-decolonization war, settling in the Paris suburbs.

Zemmour itself is a North African name, which means Olive in the Amazigh language.

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