Self-motivation: A question of survival

Self-motivation: A question of survival


Our life is full of its diversified ups and downs, joy and happiness, success and failure, optimism and pessimism, hope and despair, etc. There is an eternal transition from one side to its contradictory twin.

We usually wonder about some questions such as: when will my bad times end? When will my good times shine? How to get rid of bad luck?Such questions undoubtedly cause worry and insomnia, and can lead to despair at times. To overcome their negative side, one needs a repertoire rich in patience, optimism, grit, and clairvoyance. Among these assets, there is the concept of « self-motivation » which seems to be common whenever we talk about self-development, objectives setting, and meeting a challenge.

By all means, our family and faithful friends (who should be inspiring and optimistic) do their best to motivate and embolden us in order to go further in our initiatives. However, our tenacity can’t always rely on them; we have to develop a certain self – education to acquire some inner motivation to be self-reliant and reach our goals.

The concept of « self-motivation » seems simple and easy, but it may engulf a set of deep meanings and dimensions at heart. The prefix « self » refers to something directed towards oneself, or performed by one’s own effort while the word « motivation » addresses that desire or willingness to achieve something. Thus the concept « self – motivation » reveals that inner enthusiasm that induces one to try to strive in order to achieve something. It seems like an intrapersonal action that emanates from the one who is, at the same time, its final target.

In other words, behind every physical movement there is a moral stimulating value which awakes one’s enthusiasm and keeps it alive like a stimulus that helps an item pass from stagnation to activity.

Self-motivation engenders and strengthens hope, optimism, self –confidence, energy and will power. It helps us to acquire a positive vision for the future.

I am a self-motivated one so I am alive, my repertoire can be activated and boosted. It can also acquire new qualities and assets while the absence of self-motivation leads to some inner destruction of one’s repertoire. What have been acquired for years can be destroyed in short horrible moments of despair and weakness. So being self-motivated isn’t a choice but a question of survival.