Some concerns about the advent of Artificial Intelligence

Some concerns about the advent of Artificial Intelligence



Rabat, Morocco- Seemingly any discussion about Artificial Intelligence is still classified among the intellectual luxuries that can be postponed. There are some economic, social, and political priorities that require urgent intervention in order to ensure national security and strengthen our social fabric. 

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the mother of all revolutions that has given birth to an endless series of biological, economic, cognitive and social revolutions and induced us to rethink and reshape our insights and perceptions of the future. Paradoxically, Artificial Intelligence is welcomed and entrusted by most of the people thanks to its soft character and luring functions, but at the same time, it hides a revolutionary character that tends to be anarchic and aggressive when we dive into the outcomes of its ravaging progress in the heart of our way of living.

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is no longer perceived as a simple tool applied to fulfill certain functions, it became a key determinant of the future human lifestyle. How?

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is probably qualified as an unprecedented revolution that is dramatically different from precedent ones because of some basic considerations such as the radical quality of its outcomes and the unpredictable depth of its impact.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, all numbers fall, all expectations collapse, the impossible loses its meaning and the possible prevails (for instance, the predictions we saw in science fiction movies have come true). There is a horrible acceleration of events along with some terrifying absence of vision that paves the way to the supremacy of the unknown. 

In fact, it is really difficult to approach the outcomes of such a revolution

and classify them according to some specific paradigms due to the complexity of its characters. Nevertheless, it is possible to try to focus on the manifestation of some apparent outcomes to shape a certain approach. 

Conceptually, the advent of Artificial Intelligence has destroyed a set of concepts and called for an urgent need to rebuild them. 

From a political point of view, many questions arise regarding the evolution of the concepts of State, democracy, and sovereignty after the rise of tech giants and their penetration into the political and electoral process. There are other questions related to the concepts of power, international relations, decision-makers, international legitimacy, national borders, and independence.

From an economic point of view, a battery of concepts such as production, cost-effectiveness, local economic structures, competitiveness, and competition must be reviewed. There is dramatic destruction in the power balance, who rules the world?

From an ethical and ideological point of view, we sense some sensitive concerns that invite us to wonder seriously about our existence, deity, religion, ethics, privacy, life, death, nature, etc. 

From a biological and societal level, the world lives an era of transition from industrial capitalism to cognitive one where the value of intangible capital is growing within a new conception of development paradigms in postmodern societies.

Biologically, there is a revolution in the process of rebuilding human beings aiming at withdrawing their human character and transforming them into a simple production tool. 

In truth, We witness a certain transition from a Biological human to a digital person inside a whole process of moving from Biological intelligence to Artificial Intelligence. Some future initiatives even challenge death itself by seriously aiming at raising life expectancy through the improvement of births quality according to predetermined criteria, the avoidance of chronic diseases, finding some cure to infertility, the avoidance of having children with disabilities, the treatment of genetic disorders responsible for several diseases, and the improvement of the human brain capacity in preparation for competition.

It is not strange that American and Chinese companies are competing to win the services of the best scientific competencies and try to monopolize the best ones by all kinds of temptation, because they present the origin in the wealth creation process and the standard of making the difference between economic units. 

Economically, the Artificial Intelligence revolution targets the structures of the economy through its development models, mechanisms, and actors.

As a matter of fact, the knowledge economy is based on intellectual capital, scientific research, and the creation of wealth via the cost-effectiveness of the tech giants whose performance distinguishes the strong from the weak and deepens the gap between them. We know well that the United States and China are competing for global economic leadership and monopolizing the process of foreseeing the future while European countries are still facing structural hurdles that impede them to catch up with the leaders. 

Politically, Artificial Intelligence companies have become among the most important determinants of the political process and influencers in decision making. Given the source of information they own and monopolize, these companies threaten the basics of democracy, freedom of choice, and political representation and electoral systems. They pulled the rug out from under politicians because they understand reality well and look forward to the future in a better and more efficient way. Besides, thanks to their ability to understand the concerns of simple citizens, their psychology, and aspirations, they can control their awareness and influence their thoughts and orientations.

Maybe the emergence of Artificial Intelligence gave way to the advent of a new form of fascism that will impose more control and authoritarian rule, and receive more credibility from the public who stopped thinking of: how do we receive information ? why are we only looking for easy and quick solutions? 

By all means, these are simple, but strong manifestations of  Digital Fascism.

Concerning our private life, Artificial Intelligence giants are completely entrusted by most people and have invaded the details of our private life. They provide solutions to all problems, guide our personal decisions and even interfere with our emotional relationships run by social media companies. Is it still possible to talk about the freedom of thought and expression, the building of personal perceptions and convictions in a period dominated by  Digital Slavery and confiscation of individual rights?

Most questions and perceptions remain possible and legitimate as long as the unknown tends to expand its supremacy and open the door to all kinds of probabilities.