Mohcine Fikri Did Not Commit Suicide, New Video Shows

Mohcine Fikri Did Not Commit Suicide, New Video Shows


WARNING: The Content May be Very Disturbing for Some People. We Urge You Not To Watch The Video if you are a sensitive person.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Mohcine Fikri did not commit suicide, but was rather killed as a municipality worker turned the grinder on, while he was trying to stop municipality aids from trashing his fish, leaving the man trapped in the truck’s trash container, before getting grinded, to eventually pass away.

The featured video, uploaded on Facebook by various people, documents the whole tragic scene.

People started screaming and crying at the moment Mohcine started getting grinded by the machine.

Many were shouting “Allah Akbar” of compassion and sadness as they stood watching the tragic moment, not being able to move one finger to help the man.

One of Mohcine’s friends, also his business associate, witnessed the whole event and said he saw the late die in front of his eyes.

The death of Mohcine triggered a huge wave of protests in Alhoceima, peaceful protests as no acts of vandalism were witnessed.

The Moroccan Times.