Do you think you are Professional?

Do you think you are Professional?


There are many definitions that explain what means professionalism at work, some refer to the knowledge, skills and behaviors an employee shall have to do the work well, others refer to being a thinking performer, meaning not only performing your work operationally, but also thinking about the next step, seeking to contribute to organisational purposes. Nevertheless, there is other explanations that describe the soft side of “professionalism at work,” explanations that look at the depth the meaning of a professional employee. An example here it is the understanding that a professional employee is the self’s strengths, weaknesses, and the perception that through one’s strengths and weaknesses we understand the behavior of others employees.

Professionalism is the attitude where an employee is understating his/her self much better and has detached his/her personal opinions and feelings, to better understand the reality.

When you are planning to developing your professional practice at the workplace, you need first to start managing yourself through continuous development of the self. Take time to look at your inner-power to improve your strength in facing the work’s challenges and seeing positive values in every situation. First, this will bring ease into your career, and, secondly, it will help you manage your group through developing your skills of perceiving the pure nature of the individuals of your group without bias and subjectivity.The presence of different individuals with different agendas will balance the work environment. Third, this will help enshrine the values of customer focus and social responsibilities agenda in your colleges.

In the end when you looking to develop Professionalism, start with developing humanity.