15 Moroccan Boys Infected with Rabies After Sexually Abusing a Donkey: Fake...

15 Moroccan Boys Infected with Rabies After Sexually Abusing a Donkey: Fake News


Various local and international media outlets circulated a rumor that fifteen underage boys, aged between 7 to 15, engaged in an unspeakable act with a donkey in Sidi Al Kamel, a small village near Sidi Kacem in the northwest of Morocco. This supposed incident was allegedly followed by a rush to the hospital to treat the boys for rabies purportedly contracted from the animal.

The report also claimed that local authorities were forced to euthanize the animal as a preventive measure to curtail the spread of the disease. Al Akhbar, the daily that originally released the story in Morocco, even insinuated that authorities were searching for people who had been in contact with the donkey to mitigate the risk of spreading rabies in the region.

The rumor gained further traction when it was speculated that the number of infections could be significantly higher as some families supposedly opted to take their children to hospitals outside the region to evade public ridicule.

However, this sensational story was completely denied by the Moroccan authorities who refuted all the claims mentioned above. They have reassured the public that such an incident did not occur, and no such actions were taken as a result, thus labeling the entire narrative as a piece of fake news.