In France, Muslims offer couscous dishes to healthcare workers

In France, Muslims offer couscous dishes to healthcare workers

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Rabat, Morocco(TMT) –The community of Essalam mosque, the largest mosque in the French city of Nantes, offered two days ago couscous dishes to the city’s university hospital healthcare workers, to thank them for their efforts in fighting the coronavirus.

Mohammed Al Mansouri, a member of the community told The Moroccan Times, “It’s our duty to thank them for their service during the COVID-19 health crisis.”


“The healthcare workers are saving lives daily, working tirelessly.

“This is the minimum we could do to thank them.

“Those guys are heroes.

“The Quran says ‘Saving One Life Is As If Saving Whole Of Humanity,’ so those guys are 1000 times better than us and highly respected and regarded by the creator,” the man told us.

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“I hope all Mosques, Synagogues, Churches, and religious shrines around the world can do something similar, please do it, it will draw a smile on their face.

“I can’t tell you how happy they were when we gave them the couscous dishes.

“Please help them experience positivity and happiness amid the ongoing chaos they endure.

“Please show your appreciation for people on the front line of the COVID-19 battle, they don’t have it easy,” Al Mansouri closed.

The Moroccan Times.