Morocco’s First Industrial Car Unveiled in Capital Rabat

Morocco’s First Industrial Car Unveiled in Capital Rabat


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Moroccan company Neo Motors is making preparations to establish the first industrial unit in Morocco for manufacturing a car specifically designed for the domestic market and export.

The projected annual production capacity of the facility is expected to reach 27,000 units. The estimated investment for this venture is approximately 156 million dirhams, and it will create 580 job positions.

King Mohammed VI checking Neo Motor’s utility car.

The Royal Palace in Rabat hosted a momentous ceremony where the model of the first Moroccan car manufacturer and a prototype of a hydrogen vehicle, both developed by Moroccan engineers, were unveiled and presented to the Moroccan monarch King Mohammed VI, a key supporter of the project.

This project represents the introduction of the first Moroccan car intended for the general public, benefiting from a local ecosystem for car manufacturing and development within Morocco.

The general utility car will be manufactured at the Rabat factory of Ain Aouda.

The National Road Safety Agency has granted final certification for the first vehicle, and the production launch of the initial series is expected in June. 60% of the vehicle’s parts are produced in Morocco.

Starting from the kick-off in June, “Neo Motors” aims to establish itself as a prominent player in both the Moroccan and African markets.

Nassim Belkhayat, CEO and co-founder of the company stressed that the first utility car will benefit from the existing car ecosystem in Morocco since “60% of its parts are produced in Morocco.”

“It will be produced in the city of Rabat, in Ain Aouda, with its PSA motor also manufactured in Morocco,” Belkhayat stressed.

Nassim Belkhayat, along with Faouzi Annajah, President and founder of NamX company, were awarded with the Intellectual Excellence Medal by the Moroccan Monarch.

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