Benabdellah: We are not allowed to evaluate Morocco’s Green Plan

Benabdellah: We are not allowed to evaluate Morocco’s Green Plan

Nabil Benabdellah, the secretary general of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS).


Nabil Benabdellah, the Secretary-General of the Party of Progress and Socialism, expressed his concerns about the limitations placed on political parties regarding their oversight of fuel companies and evaluation of the Green Plan, which was led by Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, when he previously served as the Minister of Agriculture.

During a visit to the regional office of the Justice and Development Party in Fes, Benabdellah stated, “In Morocco, there are two themes that nobody is allowed to talk about or monitor – the fuel theme and the Green Plan, which are considered sacred.”

Regarding the Green Plan, Benabdellah revealed that it is shielded from scrutiny, preventing opposition parties from engaging in discussions, evaluations, or gaining insights into its operations. He said, “We used to be proud of our achievements and we supported governments that implemented this plan. However, we can no longer say that everything is praiseworthy.”

Benabdellah emphasized that certain aspects of the agricultural plan, particularly those related to ensuring food security through sustainable farming practices and maintaining a stable supply of essential goods to Moroccan markets, are facing challenges and experiencing delays in achieving the desired results.

He disclosed that fuel companies are currently making profits exceeding 50 billion dirhams, and the impact of these profits is felt by the citizens.

Additionally, Benabdellah pointed out that “the government has generated significant revenue through inflation and rising prices, but it has shown no intention of using some of these funds to address inflation or support impoverished families, thereby easing the burdens caused by the increasing cost of living.”