Persistent Water Quality Concerns in Marrakech Neighborhoods Demand Attention

Persistent Water Quality Concerns in Marrakech Neighborhoods Demand Attention


MARRAKECH – The Moroccan Organization for Human Rights has issued a public statement regarding ongoing complaints about water quality in multiple Marrakech neighborhoods. The grievances, persisting for several months, revolve around an unpleasant odor and an unnatural taste in the drinking water.

According to the organization, the primary focus of these issues is the Menara district of Marrakech, with neighborhoods including Massira, Azouzia, and Bab Marrakech enduring the brunt of the problem. Residents have raised serious concerns about the drinkability of the local water supply, a situation they describe as both challenging and distressing.

In their public statement, the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights presented a series of videos and firsthand accounts from local residents. The testimonials confirmed the persistence of the issue and the growing community discontent regarding the provision of water deemed unfit for consumption.

In response to this crisis, the organization has directed an appeal to RADEEMA, the autonomous agency responsible for the city’s water and electricity distribution. The plea urges RADEEMA to engage in open dialogue with the impacted residents, with the goal of addressing and resolving the current water quality issues.

The organization also highlighted the necessity of raising the overall standard of services provided, emphasizing the fundamental human right to clean and safe drinking water. It remains to be seen how RADEEMA and the local authorities will respond to this ongoing crisis.