Concerns Raised over Devastating Locust Swarms

Concerns Raised over Devastating Locust Swarms

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Locust swarms are targeting Morocco’s southern regions

Parliamentary representative Naïma El Fathawi asked the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Saddiqi regarding the “strategies being implemented to tackle the relentless locust attack in Morocco.”

El Fathawi, a member of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), expressed “deep concerns over the extensive devastation caused by the relentless swarms of locusts in multiple regions, most notably Souss, the eastern areas, and now encroaching upon Settat.”

These “voracious swarms have voraciously consumed both flourishing vegetation and parched fields, without forgetting an increased tendency to attack fruit-bearing trees.”

She stressed that the farming community, “severely impacted by this dire situation, has implored the Ministry of Agriculture to intervene swiftly and salvage any remnants of hope for an agricultural season that has suffered immensely.”