Morocco wins 30th African Mathematics Olympiad

Morocco wins 30th African Mathematics Olympiad

The Moroccan team emerges as champions, Hiba Al Farshioui was crowned “Queen of African Mathematics.”

RABAT- The 30th African Mathematical Olympiad recently concluded in Kigali, Rwanda, held at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. This annual event, which took place from May 12th to May 22nd, showcased the mathematical prowess of talented students from across the African continent. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights and achievements of this highly anticipated competition.

The 30th African Mathematical Olympiad saw the participation of 32 countries, with 26 teams competing in-person and 6 remotely. The format of the competition involved each team consisting of six competitors, three males and three females. The participants faced challenging tests designed to evaluate their mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Emerging as the champions of this year’s event was the Moroccan team, who exhibited an exceptional level of mathematical aptitude. They accumulated an impressive total of 159 points, securing the first-place position. The Algerian team came second with a commendable score of 118 points. The South African team claimed the third-place spot, accumulating a total of 105 points.

The Moroccan team’s success was fueled by the outstanding individual performances of their team members. Hiba Al Farshioui showcased her exceptional abilities, earning herself the prestigious title of “Queen of African Mathematics.” She earned one of the two gold medals awarded to the Moroccan team, amassing an impressive total of 35 points. Ayman Hajifi, another member of the Moroccan team, also claimed a gold medal, securing 30 points.

The Moroccan team further demonstrated their dominance with three silver medals. Zakaria Drou and Yaser Abu Sayr both earned 29 points, showcasing their remarkable mathematical aptitude. Zineb Al Sharqi, who ranked second in the female category, also secured a silver medal, amassing a total of 23 points. Additionally, Marwa Zaidouni earned a bronze medal, demonstrating her mathematical proficiency with a score of 13 points.

Looking ahead, the exceptional performances of the participants in the 30th African Mathematical Olympiad have opened doors to future opportunities. The successful Moroccan team, with their remarkable achievements, has secured their place in the upcoming International Mathematical Olympiad, scheduled to be held in Japan in July. This prestigious international event will provide them with an opportunity to compete on a global stage and further showcase their mathematical abilities.

As the 30th African Mathematical Olympiad concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of excellence and inspiration for aspiring mathematicians throughout Africa. The competition has once again highlighted the immense potential and talent within the continent’s mathematical community.

The Moroccan Times.