upsurge in locust swarms invading Morocco: environmental concerns

upsurge in locust swarms invading Morocco: environmental concerns

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Locust swarms are targeting Morocco’s southern regions

Amid an upsurge in locust swarms invading the southern regions of Morocco, the Moroccan authorities have introduced the use of aircraft and portable sprayers this year. These tools, in addition to the traditional approaches used by farmers, are used to apply the Malathion pesticide to combat the locust menace.

The leader of the Popular Movement team in the House of Representatives, Driss Sentissi, echoed concerns vis-a-vis the environmental ramifications of the use of chemicals.

Sentissi voiced apprehension over the potential negative environmental repercussions on palm trees, bees, animals, and humans. The leader sought clarity on measures being implemented to manage the locust invasions while also taking environmental factors into account.

Sentissi stated that such invasions “are largely attributed to climatic factors,” primarily affecting Morocco’s southern neighboring countries, which triggers the swarms to move north in search of food.

As we initially reported a few weeks ago, in response to the locust invasion, the National Office for Locust Control in coordination with local authorities started using specialized aircraft to administer pesticides in Morocco’s southern regions, with a particular focus on the Draa Valley area.