Cape Verde Backs Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Sahara Resolution

Cape Verde Backs Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Sahara Resolution


Cape Verde’s government has reasserted its endorsement of the autonomy plan in Western Sahara proposed by Morocco, recognizing it as a “single, unique, credible, and pragmatic solution to resolving the Sahara dispute.”

This comes amid Cape Verde’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sending a document yesterday to its Moroccan counterpart renewing its support for the United Nations’ efforts, highlighting the UN’s exclusive role in orchestrating a “realistic, practical, and permanent solution to the ongoing dispute over the Sahara.”

Within this document, the Cape Verdean government reaffirms its support in seeking a lasting resolution that upholds the territorial unity of Morocco. This stance falls under the exclusive purview of the United Nations, adhering to Decision 693 ratified during the African Union’s Summit of Heads of States and Governments in July 2018.

Cape Verdean diplomatic representatives underscored that those statements were explicitly transpired by Prime Minister José Ulisses Correia e Silva of Cape Verde during his encounter with Aziz Akhannouch, the Moroccan Government’s Head.