Woman Commits Suicide Following Eventful Night with Tourist

Woman Commits Suicide Following Eventful Night with Tourist

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An unfortunate event took place yesterday in Marrakech’s upscale neighborhood, Gueliz, when a young woman committed suicide by leaping from an apartment balcony. The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday.

Preliminary reports indicate that the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, had an eventful night with a tourist hailing from the Gulf region. They had reportedly met through a friend of hers at a local nightclub and she later went with him to his apartment in Gueliz, along with the friend.

An argument ensued between the woman and the Gulf tourist, the cause of which is yet to be determined. In the midst of the disagreement, the woman tragically jumped from the fourth floor of the apartment building. The severity of her injuries led to her passing before medical assistance could get her to the hospital.

The tourist has been detained by local law enforcement for questioning. Authorities are actively searching for her friend who was present at the scene during the incident.