Camel Kills Owner in Morocco: Act of Revenge for Offspring’s Slaughter

Camel Kills Owner in Morocco: Act of Revenge for Offspring’s Slaughter


ESSAOUIRA- A horrifying event unfolded in the pocket city of Sidi Ali El Korati near Essaouira as a 70-year-old man was brutally killed by his own camel, in retaliation for the slaughter of its young. This incident was reported today in the local paper Assabah.

As reported by Assabah, the owner of the camel led both the mother and its young to the bustling weekly market with the plan of selling them. He managed to sell the young camel to a butcher.

The butcher, as part of the deal, slaughtered the young camel and brought his head to the camel owner.

camels revenge.
Camels in Morocco. Image for illustration purposes only.

The owner initially intended to sell the adult camel too, however, he couldn’t get an offer that matched his valuation. Consequently, he opted to return the camel home.

He then placed the young’s severed head next to his weekly market acquisitions to drive back home in the same truck that will carry the adult camel.

As they were disembarking from the transport truck, the adult camel turned violent. In a fit of rage and a shocking display of aggression, the camel attacked its owner, relentlessly kicking him for several minutes.

Despite having raised the camel for years, it attacked its owner, even biting his neck and strangling him.

Bystanders rushed to intervene, desperately trying to pull the enraged beast away, but their efforts were in vain.

According to Assabah, the camel, which was in a state of frenzy, did not leave its owner until more than ten minutes had passed, leaving him drenched in his own blood.

Despite the swift action of onlookers who rushed the victim to the regional hospital’s emergency department, the injuries inflicted by the camel were severe and ultimately fatal.

The local authorities have since launched an investigation into the incident, and the camel has been secured in a nearby facility while the inquiry is underway.

Camels are considered among the animals most known for holding a grudge against those who harm them. They seek revenge as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

This tragic occurrence is a stark reminder of the need for humane treatment in all aspects of animal handling, something that the Islamic tradition prones, but, alas, which very few butchers in Morocco adhere to when sacrificing animals.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, sparking heated debate about the treatment of livestock and raising questions about the emotional intelligence of animals.

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